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Mattawa River Fishing

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Imagine bobbing up and down with the rippling waves as you cast out your line in hopes of a bite. You relax as you take in the beautiful Mattawa Ontario scenery and glittering reflection of the sun on the water, and suddenly there is a tug, and the fight begins. You pull up your first catch of the day and rejoice as you discover the joys of Mattawa River fishing with Mattawa River Resort. 

Fun For Everyone

One of the best aspects of Mattawa River fishing is that everyone can enjoy the experience. Whether you are a seasoned angler looking for new honey holes or just starting out, our guided fishing trips are perfect for every level of fishing experience. The bountiful waters of the Mattawa River, which flow through the Mattawa Valley into the Ottawa River, are home to a large variety of fish which makes for an exciting day on the water. You never know what may bite. Several panfish species, muskies, walleye, northern pike, smallmouth and largemouth bass, sturgeon, and more frequent the waterway. Every angler will get excited at that first tug on their line as it sets the mood for incredible fishing all day long. 

Mattawa River

Though Mattawa River Resort has an array of exciting activities that the whole family can enjoy during your stay, there is nothing quite like hitting the water for a Mattawa River fishing adventure. Bob Izumi has featured our resort on his hit fishing show as he highlighted the same waters that you will have the opportunity to fish. Novice and avid anglers alike will have the chance to pull memorable catches time after time with our crew for a fishing trip you will never forget!

Mattawa Accommodations for the Ideal Fishing Trip

If you are ready to discover the incredible Mattawa River fishing that awaits you here at our scenic resort, visit our website and book your stay for the upcoming season. You will be able to make that image of enjoying the expansive Mattawa Ontario scenery reality, as well as discover all of the other incredible experiences here at the resort. We also have cozy accommodations that are perfect for families, couples, and friends. You can delight in the beautiful forests and wildlife surrounding your Mattawa accommodations, cast your lines, take a horseback riding excursion, and much more! Call us today to start planning your stay and get ready for the best Mattawa River fishing adventure imaginable.

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