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Trails, Trails and More Trails

Trails, Trails and More Trails

Did you know that our resort provides guests and visitors unlimited access to 148 acres of groomed, private trails? You read that right…148 acres of pristine woodlands inhabited by a myriad of diverse wildlife and vegetation, ushering you into nature’s inner sanctum and away from the distractions and pressures of a hectic life. Here you can relax, reflect, and simply appreciate the beauty and serenity of Northeastern Ontario, whether you’re a hiker, a snowshoer, cross-country skier, horseback rider or running enthusiast.

All nature-based vacation experiences should include an element of escape from the daily grind of life in the city. For some, that means basking in the sun along the water’s edge, while others need the exhilaration of being out in Nature, moving about and taking in the vibrance of their surroundings. Whether a short, one-kilometer hike or a half-day trek, the private trails at Mattawa River Resort afford guests and visitors a variety of excursions for every experience and activity/adventure level. Bird watchers, photographers, sketch artists and writers will find ample sources of inspiration along these trails, kilometers away from the hustle and bustle and distraction of daily life.

Snow Shoeing

With so much to see and experience, there is far more to take in at Mattawa River Resort than any single trek could ever accommodate, so plan ahead by talking to our on-site tour guide to match our outdoor adventure amenities with the particular experience you’re seeking. Our trails are open year-round, offering a fun, safe outdoor adventure experience!

Mattawa River Resort offers guests and visitors a variety of nature-based experiences including guided tours and horseback riding trails.

Sometimes, all we need to do in order to decompress is spend an hour or two alone appreciating nature. Research shows that simply walking in the woods can restore brain wave activity along with various hormones such as cortisol (controls blood sugar, insulin, impacts metabolism) to normal levels. Children with Attention deficit disorders benefit immensely from exposure to the natural world and the effects are immediate, measurable and sustainable.

Normal stresses which we all accumulate need a release, and there is simply nothing better for us than getting outside and away from our electronic devices, social media, emails, newsfeeds, etc. and letting our minds discover the raw beauty of the wild. While non-guided trail usage is complimentary our reserved guided nature hikes are invigorating, educational experiences for nature lovers of all ages to enjoy, making your time with us at Mattawa River Resort all the more memorable.

If dirt-bike riding or ATV’ing are more your speed, you can always explore the Voyageur Multi Use Trail System ( and when the day’s adventures come to a close, head back to Mattawa River Resort and retire for the evening in comfort.

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