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What to Add to Your Packing List for Canada

When coming up with a list of things to bring on vacation, it’s important to do a little research before you begin packing. Considering the local weather and what is provided for you at your accommodations already is one of the best packing light tips you can abide by, so you don’t end up over-packing and over-preparing. Many people assume that when they travel to the Great White North that it is always cold, but Mattawa, Ontario is seasonal, and you need to pack accordingly. Depending on the Mattawa River Resort cottage you choose and when you book your trip, here’s what to add to your packing list for Canada. 

Seasonal Packing Lists for Canada 

A few items are essential year-round when deciding what to bring to the cabin. Of course, you must bring clothes and cosmetic items (don’t worry about shower towels, by the way). The full kitchens in our cottages are complete with basic pots and pans, enabling you to bring in groceries and make home-cooked meals, so bringing in your own goods is essential. Write up a grocery list to add to your packing list for Canada. 


Here at Mattawa River Resort, we have lots of winter sports to engage in, such as cross country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing. ATVs are even available in the winter so that you can blaze through the fresh powder. So, bring the appropriate long underwear, snow pants, winter sport coats, hats, scarves, hats, and mittens. Don’t forget the hot cocoa to warm up your insides after a cold day outside. Check the Canada weather forecast before you go, as temperatures can vary from 4 to -17 Celsius. 


As the temperatures begin to warm up, you don’t have to bring your heavy parkas anymore. Spring bonfires will keep you warm at night, so bring clothes that you don’t mind getting a little smoky. Board games are also a great family activity for a little indoor fun. 


In the summer, your packing list for Canada should be drastically different. Bring your swimsuit for swimming and lounging on the beach. Breathable athletic clothes are best for our variety of outdoor activities, from our acres and acres of multi-use trails, whether you prefer to go ATVing, biking, or hiking. Consider bringing groceries that are conducive to barbecuing, because many of the cottages include a BBQ with propane.  


As the temperatures begin to drop and the weather gets a little nippy, don’t neglect your swimsuit quite yet. We have saunas for you to sweat out the chill in your bones. Just like in the summer, you can continue to play lawn games like badminton, bocce ball, volleyball, and more, so make sure to add those to your packing list for Canada. 

Trips to Mattawa, Ontario 

Creating the appropriate packing list for Canada is essential to successful stays at Mattawa River Resort. Don’t forget a camera so that you can record your memories and try to capture the Canadian beauty in all of our seasons. For more information about staying at Mattawa River Resort and what to pack, visit us on our website or give us a call at 705-744-5020 for more information.

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