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Your Stay With Us!

THANK YOU FOR VISITING, THE MATTAWA RIVER RESORT!! Important Information about your stay with us!! Our cabins are self-sufficient, kitchens are supplied with basic kitchen essentials, coffee makers, tea kettles, pots/pans. As for food supplies, that’s entirely up to our guest on whatever food products they would like to have in their cabin during their stay with us. Or come dine in the Cardinal Restaurant…instead of cooking! We have wine glasses, provided upon request. We supply all bed linens and towels. We do not provide personal hygeine products e.g. soap, shampoo, condition etc. Our pillows can be purchased for $50 each, we have many requests for pillows, if you would like to purchase one, just let us know.. Disclaimers: Guests are responsible for any broken or items taken from the cabin, and will be charged for missing items after checkout. We are not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.

Trailers: Snowmobilers: ATV’ers Please park Trailers in the upper parking area, when you pull in, go to your right, PARK unhitch trailer in that lot, and then come into the office to check in. We do not have sufficient room by each cabin.

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